Saturday, December 8, 2007

Musgrove Mill

Tonight our family took a trip to Musgrove Mill just outside Clinton, SC. This beautiful Historic Site’s peaceful setting stands in sharp contrast to the bloody struggle waged there on Aug. 19, 1780. This evening, the staff dressed in period clothes and treated a group of us to a Walking Candle Light Tour of the grounds.

With a cup of piping hot coffee in hand, and some hot chocolate for the kids, we hit the trail with our trusty guide. As he took us down the VERY DARK path, he stopped in numerous places and told us where the Musgrove's house had been and their mill. He also showed us the spot where the Battle of Musgrove Mill was rumored to take place.

Our biggest treat was getting to see our friend Savannah Langley play the role of Mary Musgrove and tell us the history of what happened at the Musgrove home from her perspective. She did a wonderful job!!!!!

This was Musgrove Mill's first Candle Light Tour and we would say it was a great success! We look forward to next year and the reenactment of the battle that was one of the early turning points in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution!

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