Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mia's Number One Comment Today!

We took the kids to Haywood Mall tonight to visit with Santa. They had a blast! Aidan, the ever inquisitive one, pelted our friendly neighborhood Santa with question after question! Everything from how do you make yourself small enough to fit down the chimney, to how big is your sleigh? The jolly old elf took it all in stride, in fact, he even called Aidan back as he was walking away just to make sure all his questions were answered!

So you may be wondering, why is this post titled Mia's Number One Comment if we went to see Santa? Well that's because of the conversation the kids were having on the way to the mall. It is our plan to go on a family vacation to Disney some time in 2008. This has, of course, been a hot topic around the O'Donnell household, and this evenings ride was no different. Ian and Mia got to talking about visiting Mickey Mouse and Ian reminded her of her reaction the last time she was in the great mouse's presence. In perfect Mia style, she FREAKED OUT! She started making her case as to why she reacted this way and said, "But Ian! He's a GIANT MOUSE!" So Ian fired back with, "But even Aidan wasn't afraid of Mickey Mouse, and he was only one!" Mia's response:

"Listen! I tend to be afraid of things that are really big that are supposed to be small!"

What can I say? Classic Mia!!!

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