Saturday, April 11, 2009

Aidan's Birthday 2009

Aidan had a great birthday this year! His Grandparents came and he got to talk to Aunt Ginger, Uncle Chris and his cousin Tekoa for a few minutes. We communicate with them by Skype because they live in Brazil. Here's a few pictures of the Birthday Bash:

Give Aidan a set of Star Wars Legos and you'll have a happy kid, guaranteed!

Doesn't matter the size or theme, Aidan loves all Legos.

Aidan's new crash kit. Boy does he need this!

Once Aidan opens a set of legos, he'll spend hours with it. It was hard to get him away from his new collection to eat his cake.

This helmet was Aidan's big surprise this year. He's been wanting this clone trooper helmet for months! This picture doesn't do his excitement level justice, he was bouncing off the walls when he found it waiting on his chair!

The man and his cake.

Happy Birthday buddy! We sure do love you!

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