Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This year the O'Donnell Clan celebrated Thanksgiving at Marc, Kelly, and Megan's house. Kelly is Jim's first cousin. They live about an hour and a half from us. Their house is incredible! The indoor theater was a favorite for the kids, and I thought we'd never get Ian and Kelly's daughter Megan off Guitar Hero in HD.

The food was spectacular! Kelly cooked the turkey in one of those oven bags and it came out prefect. My mom and dad and Marc's mom and dad were there and helped with the cooking. Here are a few highlights...

Grandma Pam and Cousin Kelly

Marc, Kelly, and Tisha getting things ready for the big meal.

Marc meticulously carving the turkey. Nice shears Marc!

Marc's chocolate bombs of death. These things are so good they're deadly!

Thanks to Marc and Kelly for having us over. It was a great Thanksgiving!

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