Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mia and Doctor Ben

Okay. Here's how it all started. Yesterday, Mia had an appointment to get a filling at Doctor Ben's office. Everything started out fine, but rumor has it, Mia received some unsettling news about needles from her older brother that apparently didn't sit well with her. So when Doctor Ben got ready to numb her up, Mia freaked out. She clamped that little mouth shut, and nothing would convince her to open it. Now Mia is usually very good about things like this, but she had a bad infection a few months ago that required a very painful shot in the leg, so needles are not on her "happy" list right now.

Doctor Ben gave her a hug, told her we'd try again tomorrow, and sent her home. Well that night Mia got a good talking to. We explained what Doctor Ben would do and assured her that he wouldn't do anything to hurt her, he only wanted to help. In fact, Doctor Ben is known as "Gentle Ben", and the nickname fits!

Well , Mia said she was sorry and promised to do better when she went back; and she did.

Here she is in the chair getting ready for Doctor Ben to come in.

After he laid her back, he put the numbing agent in her mouth to get her ready for the shot of novacaine.

When the shot came, Mia tightened up her fists and took it like a big girl.

When everything was done, she and Doctor Ben gave a big thumbs up!

It's hard to be brave sometimes, isn't it Mia? I'm proud of you though! You overcame your fear and did what you needed to do. You're the finest young lady I know!

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