Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Big Date

It took me a little while to get back to that blog to tell everyone about our big date, but that's not because I didn't have fun, I had a blast!

After eating dinner we hit the road for Greenville and my mind started turning (I didn't know where we were going if you remember). I was thinking we were going to the Bilo Center. I was wrong. We headed down town and Tisha ask, "Know where we're going?" I guessed the Peace Center and she said I was right.

Neither of us had ever been to the Peace Center before, so this alone was a treat, it is a beautiful place. We parked, went inside and Tisha picked up the tickets. They were for Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby. Now any of you that know Tisha knows she loves Bruce Hornsby. In fact, he was the first musician she introduced me to when I met her. I have to admit thought, I was a little unsettled about the whole Ricky Skaggs/ bluegrass thing. I was thinking, "Two hours of bluegrass. I'm not sure how I feel about that." But I was pleasantly surprised!

I knew Bruce Hornsby, but I wasn't as familiar with Ricky Skaggs. He is an incredible musician! He can play a mandolin like no one I've ever heard before. Everyone one in his band was outstanding as well.

We got to hear many of Skaggs' songs, and they played Hornsby's songs in bluegrass too. My favorite song of the night though was Super Freak. You haven't lived until you've heard Super Freak in bluegrass! It was fun!

The night was a great success, especially for Tisha because as much as she has loved Bruce Hornsby all these years, this is the first time she's had a chance to see him live in concert. I was happy for her. My wife is great, and great fun too. I guess it's my turn to plan a surprise date. This will be one that is hard to top though.

Image: skaggs.musiccitynetworks

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