Thursday, January 17, 2008

I've Found My Candidate!!!!!

OK! Here's the thing. I have been back and forth so many times trying to decide who to vote for on Saturday that my eyes are starting to cross. I put a post up that I was going to vote for Huckabee after talking to some of his staff and watching a few videos, but then deleted it after more research. I've been going back and forth with the other candidates, and I still can't decide!

Well, after much debate I've thrown up my hands and decided to write in my Standard Poodle Pippin. Just take a look. He's stylish! (Nice hair doo huh!) He listens more than he talks. He can leap over just about any obstacle! What more could we ask for in a President? How 'bout it? Pippin 2008?

PS - This is not real. I still have to make a decision and it's driving me nuts!
PPS - I would never REALLY vote for Pippin, he's from France! :)

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